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Biz503 Season 3 Episode 11: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Did you know that women start businesses at twice the rate of men, yet receive less than three percent of venture capital?

That fact, and other disparities, led a team of savvy entrepreneurs to launch Xxcelerate Fund, the Portland-based organization that mentors, educates and funds Oregon-based women entrepreneurs.

Say the founders: “Data shows that women-led companies are more successful when they receive funding and support from other women. Forging partnerships with experienced professionals in lending and venture capital, government, and philanthropic institutions, XXcelerate represents a new way to fund growing businesses based on sustainable growth, education, personal accountability, and women’s empowerment.”

Two champions for women in business are joining us on Biz503 this week.

Renee Shade is the Deputy Director of the Xxcelerate Fund.

And Maryam Behrouzi is the founder and CEO of Portland-based Spela Cosmetics, and a member of the Xxcelerate Fund’s first cohort.

This week’s Biz503 hosts are:

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