You may have grand visions of breezily launching a business from concept to product, with not a hitch in between…but let’s be practical. Few startups make it up the success ladder without planning, testing, and revising.

And that mean beta testing.

The premise of beta testing is to gently roll out a product/feature in a controlled manner before officially launching. It’s a way of test driving the product or idea, catching bugs, and improving user experience – all before putting your product out in the wild.

There are a slew of benefits to beta testing, namely gathering early feedback, identifying problems before launching, and gaining market validation. It’s always easier to change a tire before hitting the road. And in essence, that’s what beta testing buys entrepreneurs the time to do.

Are you interested in learning how to construct a meaningful, strategic beta test for your product? We have the answers you need:

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Our current Biz503 series is about taking your idea from a concept to profitability, and all the steps along the entrepreneurial way. This week we’re tackling the how-to’s of beta testing, from finding testers to picking a distribution model.


Rebecca Webb, team leader at Portland Radio Project

Joe Barrett, weekend show host, Portland Radio Project


Halley Grey, CEO, Evolve and Succeed

Jesse Fittipaldi, business development lead, Arcimoto

Christa King, revenue management consultant, King Hospitality Consulting & founder, Fitlandia

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