Biz503 Podcast Preview: How to Attract the Right Team

how to attract the right team

It’s one thing to convince people that your startup has potential – it’s a whole other thing to convince people that your potential startup should be their next place of employment.

This is a challenge that plagues business big and small. And entrepreneurs have to ask themselves the same question that established companies do: How can I attract stellar candidates to work for my startup?

Many startup founders may be so focused on product that they forget that it’s not just their innovation or idea that needs branding…it’s also their budding business culture. Most potential employees are more interested in business models and employee culture than the amazing new app or doohickey they could be representing.

But beyond the process of cultivating an appealing workplace and value set, there’s also the flip side of the coin, which is vetting candidates to guarantee a good fit. That means developing a sound recruitment policy, and having a clear sense of what kind of employees one wants to work next to.

If you’re looking to recruit top talent with values that align with your startup or small business, we’re here to help you learn how:

Join us Friday, May 12th, 1-2 p.m. for Biz503: How to Attract the Right Team. Listen live at 99.1 FM in the heart of Portland – or online anywhere at

Our current Biz503 series is about taking your idea from a concept to profitability, and all the steps along the entrepreneurial way. This week we’re tackling the how-to’s of team building, from creating an appealing business culture, to how to hire like a pro.


Rebecca Webb, team leader at Portland Radio Project

Mike Rogoway, business reporter, The Oregonian


Wendy Kotila, creator and founder, “She Gets Business,”

Tyrone Poole, founder, NoAppFee

Paul Troiano, co-founder and chairman, 503 Media & Events

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