You have a lightbulb moment – while stuck in traffic, in the shower, or at 3 a.m. Maybe it’s an idea, a product, a solution, a fantastic business plan…and it starts to grow on you.

The natural question to ask next is, “Can my idea make money?”

It’s a daunting query, because the marketplace for ideas has plenty, and the road to entrepreneurship is rocky. According to Bloomberg, eight out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. That’s a high rate of crash and burn.

So, if all you have is the seed of a concept, where to begin?

Luckily, while business success is not an exact science, many great minds have hashed over the question of idea-to-profit. And there are plenty of ways to test a concept.

Join us Friday, April 7th 1-2 p.m. on 99.1 FM for our live broadcast of Biz503: Can My Idea Make Money?

To kick off a new season of Biz503, we’re launching a “how-to” series on taking your idea from a concept to profitability, and all the steps along the entrepreneurial way.

You’ll want to catch our keystone episode as we cover the crucial ingredients of a profitable concept – and why having a good idea doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to start a business.

Co-hosts Rebecca Webb (founder of Portland Radio Project) and Kedma Ough (Mt. Hood Community College Small Business Development Center director) will guide a discussion with the following guest panelists:

-Rick Turoczy, founder of Silicon Florist, and co-founder of PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment)

Wendy Kotila, a small business strategist, mentor, and entrepreneur with a great love for education, technology, and empowering women and girls.

-Angela Jackson, managing director of the Portland Seed Fund, and director at PSU’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Accelerator

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