Coworking, Meetups, Facebook Groups and the like are The New Networks. Are they working? It’s a question we’ll ask Friday, Nov. 6, on Biz503, the new Portland Radio Project talk show about startups and small businesses in Portland.

There’s been a massive shift in the American workforce over the last several years to increasing self-reliance on the job – freelancing, independent contracting, temping – and the trend continues. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in the next five years 65-million Americans will be independent workers, about 40 percent of the U.S. workforce.

All those people have to work some place, and cultivate professional networks on their own (something workers previously relied on their employer to provide).

The New Networks – from collaborative workspaces to virtual meetings – are the subject of this week’s Biz 503. And, once again, we’ve assembled a panel of experts who are mover-shakers in the new, collaborative workplace model that finds one of its most vibrant centers in Portland.

Introducing Cindy Tortorici, entrepreneur and CEO of The Link for Women, who joins our growing team of co-hosts.

Cindy Tortorici headshot

On our New Networks panel:

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Listen to the podcast from Friday, Nov. 6:

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