Entrepreneurship is being called the next American Dream, and millions are leaving traditional corporate jobs to pursue careers as startup founders. With a 2015 report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor totaling the number of entrepreneurs in the U.S. at 27 million, it’s clear that startups are the cornerstone of the 21st Century economy.

Yet a disparity exists among those entering the startup arena. As it stands now, entrepreneurs in the U.S. are disproportionally white, educated males – almost 60 percent. That begs the question – who’s being left out of the startup boom, and why?

In this episode of Biz503, co-hosted by local business leaders Mark Grimes and Cindy Tortoriciwe look into the world of Women and Minority Entrepreneurs. Find out what obstacles and advantages exist for aspiring business leaders from these communities, and how they navigate the startup ecosystem. An array of entrepreneurs and community leaders talk about their personal startup journey, and what’s being done to level the playing field.

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Our guests Dec. 11, 2015 included:

Lynn Le, founder of Society Nine

Tyrone Pool, founder of NoAppFee.com

Vivek Mano, founder of WIGL

Jess Chan, founder of WINKpens

Ray King, founder of Top Level Designs

Stephen Green, co-founder Oregon Public House

Lin Carson, founder of BAKERpedia

Monica Borrell, founder of Cardsmith

Anna Van Tol, founder of It’s Only Love Activewear

Hear the podcast: