Innovative. Collaborative. Supportive. Healthy. Fun.

Does that list sum up your workplace environment? If it does, you’re probably working for one of the growing list of U.S. companies that are starting to invest in employee satisfaction.

It’s not surprising that numerous studies indicate that happy employees are more productive and loyal. Even simple wellness programs – like allowing napping, offering healthy foods, offering flexibility – keep workers committed and engaged. And it pays off along the way, as it’s estimated that low employee productivity costs nearly eight days of lost work performance per individual, and represents a loss of over $63 billion to U.S. companies.

But company workplace isn’t just about having a nifty office space – it’s also about who’s hired. And just as employees run into stressful workplace environments, so do employers have to puzzle out who to hire, and how to get them to embody company ethos.

Join us this Friday, March 18th between 1-2 p.m. for our Biz503 episode “All About Employees.” Rebecca Webb, founder of Portland Radio Project, and Cindy Tortorici of The Link will lead a discussion on how to cultivate a healthy, happy, innovative workplace culture. If you’re curious about employee management, making smart hires and encouraging folks to love where they work, tune in!

Our guests this week include:

April Minister, Marketing Specialist at IKEA Portland

Andrew Welch, President at boly:welch

Scott Brown, Executive Creative Director at Citizen

Sunil Kasturi, Managing Director at Propeller

Erin Currie, Professional and Personnel Development Strategist at MyPsychgeek, LLC

Richard Satnick, Founder/Owner of Dick’s Kitchen and Dick’s Primal Burger

Jeff Bartel, Executive Art Director / Principal at Nemo Design