PRP engineer Ron Braithwaite has posted a link on our activity feed where you can check to see if a website is vulnerable to the insidious bug “Heart bleed.”

I checked it, by pasting in the URL for my credit union – and it worked, coming back with the message that the credit union website “seems fixed or unaffected!”

Here’s the link.

Thanks, Ron!

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  1. Ron Braithwaite
    Ron Braithwaite says:

    Here’s a link to a geek cartoon strip that explains just how bad this is:

    Here’s an article explaining it a little better than my one liner, with cartoons:

    Here’s another link to a technical article by somebody who I genuflect to:

    Remember, don’t change your password on any site that hasn’t been patched. Here’s a link to the site to test if your bank/credit union/whatever has been patched yet:

    Good luck and stay safe out there!


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