Now You See it Now You Won’t


The sign at the center of a Portland regulatory puzzle has been painted over.

The sign – technically a Mural – adorned the side of the downtown building housing the Pedal Bike Tours business. It did not advertise that business.

[youtube id=”ffJPIhtJfRM”]

Bike Portland reports the Mural was simply seen as a way to celebrate Portland’s love of all things bicycle.

But then came the code enforcers. City Commissioner Amanda Fritz backed up the charge that the sign was illegal because the city does not allow murals on historic buildings.

That Mural had to go.

But, it turns out, there is a way to pump new air into this flat tire.

City regulations do allow advertising signs on historic buildings.

So, while workers painted over the Mural Monday, business owner Todd Roll was making plans to get the proper permits and put up an ad.

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