Heather Hanson, PRP host of The Bus Stop, recently made a trip to Boise, Idaho for the annual five day long Treefort Music Fest, this year featuring 420 different bands. While Heather didn’t see nearly all of them, she did run around Boise from sun up to sundown for all five days of the festival, jumping from basements at house shows, to alleyways for sessions and interviews, to the main stage photo pit, and all the funky little venues around town. Pictures and possibly some Drop-In Treefort video sessions coming soon, but this three minute compilation gives a pretty good summary of Heather’s Treefort 2017 experience.

It features World’s Finest, Tispur, Rense Liam, Panther Milk, Sculpture Club, Catskills, BATTLEHOOCH, Hallowed Oak, Clarke and the Himselfs, Nude Dude, Delicate Steve, The Growlers, Dirty Revival, Aan, Mac DeMarco, The Prids, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, The Lower 48, Reptaliens, Psychomagic, Angel Olsen, and Boone Howard.
Song: “Dirty Love” by Dirty Revival