By: Kristian Foden-Vencil

Thousands of Oregonians are beginning to check out the state’s new health insurance exchange, Cover Oregon.

Executive director, Rocky King, says while enrollment starts October 1, people are already going to the website to see how much they might have to pay for insurance — and whether they might get a tax credit.

“Monday we had a record number of calls we’ve had in one day,” said King. “It was about 500 calls. We had the record number of hits to our website on Monday, about 11,000. We’re starting to see this really pick up.”

King is stressing that while the website goes live October 1st, customers will have to work with an insurance agent or a community group for the first couple of weeks — so any kinks can be ironed out.

After that, people can do it by themselves.

Enrollment starts next Tuesday, but coverage doesn’t actually begin until January 1.