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On our latest episode, host Rafael Otto talks with Jawad Khan the chief programming officer at the Muslim Educational Trust and a member of the Trust’s board of directors. He has spent 22 years with the trust as a teacher college counselor and administrator, and previously worked in the high-tech industry. He is based in Beaverton, Oregon and is an advocate for expand expanding preschool in Washington County.




Beginning the episode, Khan discusses his how his background in the tech industry brought him to the education world, the field he has been in for over two decades. Next, he tells us more about the Muslim Educational Trust, how many students they serve, the importance of preschool in their focus, and Khan’s own personal experiences with the kids he has seen. They then discuss the role of the trust as cultural navigators, why the culturally-specific approach is effective in education, and some of the challenges for students who are not in a culturally-specific setting. Tying into this, Khan brings up how they address the anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim sentiments with their students.

Another component of Khan’s work involves expanding preschool in Washington County. He details more on the effort, its progress, and what he hopes to accomplish. But this is also not without its challenges in talking to commissioners and getting the message across. But Khan still emphasizes the importance of children and families in these future efforts.



Rafael Otto, Director of Communications, Children’s Institute

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