Portland Soundcheck

On it’s three-year anniversary, Portland Soundcheck brought a sample-tray of local music, and oh, how the people wanted a taste…

Portland Grown & Locally-Brewed

Finding it hard to get an open set of seats in the Aladdin Theater the night … Continue Reading

Adventure Gallery

Imagine you are part of an up-and-coming band that has started to garner some serious regional and perhaps national attention. Then, one day, you get a call asking if you would like to participate in a major project paying homage … Continue Reading

Holcombe Waller

Not just anybody can pose a question and mean it. I mean, really ask and look for a sincere answer. However, there are a few artists out there up for not just posing complex questions, but offering up a few … Continue Reading

Dan Reed

Perhaps Dan Reed has always been a “citizen of the world.” He lives in Prague now. But in the 80s it was Portland’s vibrant music scene that Dan Reed Network was putting on the map.

Blake Sakamoto and Dan Reed … Continue Reading

Sarah Billings

“Polished but raw, tutored but instinctive” is how Sarah Billings is described. I would add to that savvy, smart and loaded with talent. And probably a lot of that talent yet to be discovered and put on full display.


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The Parson Red Heads

The organic harmonies, the painstaking attention to craft and small interludes between the songs are in the new album “Orb Weaver,” because as singer-guitarist Evan Way says, “The group wanted to make an album you can listen to from beginning … Continue Reading

Acoustic Minds

Amanda and Jenni Price have got “Lady Power” going on. And they know how to throw a party. In this case, it’s a birthday party.

Voices Coming Together

Got in some chat time with Amanda and Jenni. Enjoy our conversation … Continue Reading

Naomi LaViolette

Naomi has worked over the spring, through the summer and now it’s autumn in full radiance. Time to celebrate that new baby! “You’ve Got Me” has arrived. Naturally, it’s party time!

Naomi LaViolette’s New EP Release

Following the release … Continue Reading

Naomi Hooley

Oregon Music News celebrates its fourth anniversary with a free concert at The Secret Society on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 7:30 p.m.  The lineup includes Rob Stroup & Naomi Hooley, Michael Quinby, The Fur Coats, and DJ Mr. Ree.

Here’s … Continue Reading


Any hopes of laying low and pulling covers over head can be dispelled, like right now! Christopher Worth is laying his new, second of three in a series, sprawling musical concept piece on us.


WORTH are back from tour … Continue Reading

Holcombe Waller

It’s a late October afternoon here in Portland. Sunny! Making our way to North Portland and into the lovely old neighborhood, cozy between Mississippi Avenue and MLK. Climb up the cement stairs, through the door and into the lair of … Continue Reading


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