It’s another #LaLa Night with La Famiglia at the Gemini Bar & Grill and Lake O. Tonight it’ s really special thanks to guest artist Saeeda Wright. She’s hot off the Prince tour with Liv Warfield. Add this to the list of her appearances on Arsenio Hall, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman,  you get the idea — the fun life on the road.

What’s the Scoop on #LaLa?

#LaLa nights come up every other Wednesday and its ALL about bringing in music makers like Saeeda into a cozy Portland (OK, Lake O) setting and discovering what they are up to and who they’re all about. They might be in the middle of tours, new records, whatever, but we love it so much that our busy artists can make time to share in between the rush of their lives.

To have Saeeda drop by this morning was such a blast. It was the first time Jacob, Robert and I met her. And her vibe and energy will carry us through this day and into tonight. Thank you, Saeeda!

Listen to Our Interview

Here’s the entire session in all its glory:

Saeeda & Jacob

Saeeda & Jacob at PRP.

#LaLa Details

Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 9:00 p.m.
Gemini Bar & Grill
456 State St., Lake Oswego