Mission statements and mantras are handy tools. They help define, refine and shape our concepts and goals and the “why” of what we are doing. And when a band creates a “manifesto” you know it’s serious and maybe even a bit dangerous!

Portland’s All-Female Rock Revue

The Vulva Underground! Not only a brilliant play on words, but it serves notice that there is strong intent behind it.  It’s basically a collective of women working in music with the goal to strengthen “Portland’s well of female talent” as they describe it.

VU at Bob White
VU hosts all-female jams and the much-beloved tribute nights. There have been Simon and Garfunkel and Women in Country nights. Next up?


Check Out an Original Song from VU

Darka Dusty wrote Batwing. She says it’s about facing your fears. Each of the three verses are based on a real person, so listen carefully. The version you hear below was recorded live at Mountain Air Studios.