Benefit concerts are popping up every for Janice. This is going to be a big on June 9th at The Alberta Rose Theatre.

For the Love of Janice (A benefit for the Scroggins family)

Monday, June 9, 7:00PM 
Alberta Rose Theater
3000 NE Alberta St.
Tickets $25

The Portland music community is reeling from the death of one of its beloved musicians, piano legend Janice Scroggins.  Janice died May 27 at age 58. Her legendary skill on the eighty-eights put her on the A List of pianists in this town for gospel, jazz and blues. Friends will gather for a musical tribute and benefit on June 9.  The following is just a small portion of musicians who want to be a part:

Lloyd Jones, LaRhonda Steele family, Norman Sylvester, Duffy Bishop & Chris Carlson, Julianne Johnson Dave Fleschner, Louis Pain, Reggie Houston, Brian Ward, Sonny Hess, Myrtle Brown, Curtis Salgado, Mike Doolin, Alan Hager, Lisa Mann, Peter Dammann, Terry Robb, Lyndee Mah, Ken Derouchie, Anne Weiss, Brian Foxworth, Michael Alan Harrison, Tony Ozier, Devin Phillips, Mary Flower and many more musical friends of Janice.

Watch this space as we hear of more opportunities to share our love and support.



We had a gift walk in our doors in March for a great studio session. Part of that now GONE from our view. Reposting here now to remember Janice Scroggins.

At the Portland Radio Project studios this morning. Robert and I talking with two of our favorite musicians about the place Janice Scroggins has in our hearts. It will be a special night at #LaLa night tonight at the Gemini Bar & Grill at 9 p.m. A chance to honor the memory of Janice through music.

In March we wrote:

It’s mysterious, where creativity comes from.  Some of us credit parents for bringing us to, say, the violin at an early age. Others lay it at the feet of a cherished teacher in 2nd grade who saw through our fumbling ways and our shenanigans. And others credit their families and community.  Here, two cherished Portland artists explain their path and how it fits into their lives.

Janice Scroggins!! Losing a vibrant and dedicated wisdom of a musician and artist this evening. So sudden. It is a shock to us all. Read the ongoing story at Oregon Music News. And below is our story we posted in March.

Janice Scroggins and LaRhonda Steele

The Inner City Blues Festival is just a week away and that is a good reason and a wonderful excuse as any I can think of to invite two dynamic women to Mountain Air Studios to uncover what makes them tick and how they arrived at their level of skill and passion.

Can I admit to you LaRhonda and Janice are out of my usual wheelhouse mindset? By that I mean, they were BORN into what they do. Cradled in music, in the bosom of family and church. Family always around and supporting their baby steps.  Love led them to it and through it. Whereas the many of us, myself included, chose to “study” an instrument or do the dance class as a sort of rite of passage. A sort of intellectual exercise. If we are lucky, we find some measure of success by that pathway.

The Gift

THIS journey is different. It’s a gift.  I wonder if it sounds like YOURS?  Your Gift. Your Journey? (Tweet this)

We had the amazing bonus of Arietta Ward, Janice’s daughter, joining us. What a voice. To the piano please.