2016-04-28 23.27.53I asked Tanner Cundy to be on my show last week to discuss the topic of Synthesizers. A few months back Teri Briggs and I had The Druthers on The Portland Playlist show and at that time Tanner brought up his love for Synth music. I told him that I would have him back in on my show do dive further in and that’s just what we did. Tanner is an accomplished guitarist that is known locally for his work in The Druthers and with singer/songwriter Will West. What some of his fans don’t know is that he has a rich history with digital music and has recorded original tracks in the past that live well within that genera.2016-04-28 20.31.01-2

There is a lot of history to cover on this topic and we did the best we could during the two hour block. Our PDX Spotlight playlist of the week included Erasure, Pink Floyd, Lights, Phantogram, CHVRCHES, Peter Gabriel and much more. Tanner brought in an original song called “Another” for us to all enjoy. Before doing the show I had not heard Tanner sing in a solo setting so it was a treat for me and the listeners to get to see another side of his art.

During the interview we spoke about the historical moments in the evolution of the synthesizer and the may ways it can be used. The PRP talk board had plenty of traffic commenting on our song selections and stories.

Please enjoy my interview with Tanner Cundy.

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I am originally from Arizona, where over many years, I played in several different independent bands in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. I put in many, many hours of grassroots-style promotion in order to get my bands heard. I am excited to be a part of Portland Radio Project where I can provide an avenue to local Portland musicians to share their art.
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