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New Album from Slow Corpse

Southern Oregon duo Mitchell Winters and Brenton Clarke, aka Slow Corpse, are back with their second album Bite Your Tongue, set for release on January 29th!

The follow up to their successful 2018 Fables is an ambitious 14-track release offering sounds that float between electro pop, R&B and hip hop. Their signature laid back vibe is present throughout all the tracks.

Winters (the vocalist and producer) and Clarke (the guitarist) are based in Ashland, but created the album in “in marathon, late-night sessions in cramped basements throughout the state of Oregon.” They describe their new release as “a patchwork of ambivalence, hedonism, self-deprecation, confidence, heartbreak, and ultimately acceptance.”

The album comes out on January 29th, but it is available for pre-order through Tender Loving Empire.

You can also get it on the band’s Bandcamp or catch a few selections daily on Portland Radio Project!

Here is a little preview.


Sources: Tender Loving Empire

Photo Credit: Kyle Simpson


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