Rivers. We play and fish in them, draw from their banks to sustain industry, agriculture and our drinking water supply. They’re part of our geography and our history.

But they might not be part of our future.

According to The Freshwater Trust, a nonprofit with the bold vision of saving America’s river system, these water sources are dying. Decades of overuse and abuse, droughts and contamination are destroying our mightiest rivers. Currently only 20 percent of our rivers are categorized as healthy.

To save these precious resources The Freshwater Trust team has championed innovative and action-based conservation programs since their founding in the 1970s.  Headquartered in Portland, their wide-ranging approach includes everything from hands-on habitat restoration to consultation with municipalities. They’ve implemented programs and established key partnership across Oregon to restore water quality and stream health.

This week on PRP we’re featuring the Freshwater Trust as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. Listen to podcasted interviews below to hear key members of the Freshwater Trust talk about the work their organization does.