It was a night full of sexpots.

On Friday, September 19 the FEMM EDM show took place in Portland and it didn’t disappoint.

Portland Radio Project and Oregon Music News partnered with the Femm-EDM Showcase to share some of the hottest up and coming female artists in the US with a dance-your-butt-off party at Dante’s.

Dj Tracy started the party and the delightful sex kitten, Laura Danielle Ivancie, shared some sultry guitar moves and vocals that raised the temperature in the room a good 15 degrees.  But the sexiness did not stop there as the powerhouse group, Acoustic Minds, followed with fancy pants dance moves and a power punched performance that knocked my socks off.

  CAM02999          CAM03008

Hopscotch was next on the bill but to share a true confession: this girly needed to go home to sleep and missed their performance. 

I did spot those hotties, Sisters of Spiralperforming on the catwalks along with Kristen Muir doing some “live” painting.  The room was packed to the gills with some of Portland’s night-lifers who were strutting and shaking their stuff all around the room.  If you weren’t there, you missed out folks.

CAM02988    CAM02986    CAM02982

Check out their chat with Inessa right here!

— Dennise M. Kowalczyk, Host of Trixie Pop