One of Portland’s finest bands, The Noted, have been creating tasteful, inspiring pop rock for more than a decade.

They dropped their most recent full-length studio album “Lost and Found” in 2020.

We got to wondering what the band has been up to this year!

We caught up with frontman Daniel Work this week to find out what’s in store for the band, and talk music.

PRP: “Your last album “Lost and Found” came out during lockdown. What was that like for you and the band?”

DW: “We had worked so long – thank goodness in person for the most part – and had tracking done just before the pandemic hit. I mixed the album during isolation with lots of previews, and feedback sessions on the phone, while bandmates reviewed compositions and mixes.”

“It was very surreal, for all of us, to be creating songs about very human, interpersonal experiences while also learning to be alone.”

Adds Work: “For the ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’ music video, the production and marketing images had to be done remotely. Thank goodness for Steve Jobs and the iPhone…a true virtual project!”

PRP: “We play lots of “Lost and Found” tracks on PRP.

Which track from it – or earlier albums – do you think gets the best reception from fans and radio?”

DW: “Off ‘Lost & Found,’ I’d say “Not So Long Ago,” our coming of age song.

Not So Long Ago

“Another track that has fared well on radio is ‘Wait,’ which aired on syndicated radio nationally,” says Work.

“We are blessed to have had over 18 tracks on terrestrial radio so far, and we’re just getting started.”

PRP: “We hear you’re working on a new album! Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind some of the tracks?”

DW: “We are indeed working on a new album. It will feature piano and guitar based songs, as well as a prog rock instrumental or two. The track count will probably be 8 to 10 songs, and likely titles are ‘The Story’ and ‘Time, Time to Run’.”

“Another song that will be on the new album is ‘The Lucky Ones,’ which we’ve already released as a single.”

“To be honest, after the isolation period we’ve gone through it seems difficult to articulate the intense emotions shut down for so long…so the lyrics are taking some time. That said, hey turn on the news – there’s no shortage of absurdity to write about.”

“A big change – in response to the pandemic remoteness – we plan to track much of the album live in the studio together…a total swing of the pendulum for us we are excited about. It worked for Tom Petty, so it should for us.”

More about The Noted

The Noted are:

Jeff Koch, electric and acoustic guitars; Mike Snyder, drums and percussion; John Dwyer, bass and vocals; Angela Baldino, vocals, piano, percussion; and primary songwriter Daniel Work, vocals, piano, acoustic and electric guitars.

Above: The Noted at the Portland Max train station. Photo: Emery Clay III

In 2013, iTunes staff choose their debut “At This Moment” CD for feature placement on iTunes main page. Their tracks “One Chance” and “Gentle World” were used on the comedy/drama television show “You, Me and Her” (2016).

PRP: “Anything else you’d like to share with fans?”

DW: “We LOVE playing our music live for audiences! Please find us on Facebook, X, or Instagram, and let us know where you’d like us to play!”

~ ~ ~

You can find music by The Noted on iTunes, bandcamp, and on their website. You can also friend them on Facebook, and follow them on X and Instagram!

That’s a wrap!

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