Get ready for an incredible guitar giveaway by boutique local luthier Portland Guitar in partnership with Portland Radio Project!

Handcrafting custom guitars to suit the player is a family affair for Portland Guitar, where founder Jay Dickinson, his wife Marianne and son Max have offered exquisite specialty guitars for 15 years. Dickinson’s vision: to make “a product that spurns the corporate ethos of planned obsolescence.”

After years of developing and managing an engineering acoustics laboratory for Hewlett-Packard, Jay left the high-tech corporate environment and sold his Jaguar sports car to build his dream woodworking shop and craft guitars full-time. His passion is to build the highest-quality instruments and to deliver “functional art that surpasses customer expectations and results in true customer delight.” Now, Jay passes his guitar-making skills to one or two apprentices every year – including Max.

Jay and Max are sharing the fruits of their labor with Portland artists, offering a beautiful guitar – built by Max – as a gift to PRP. Every $25 donor to PRP, from now until April 22, will be entered in a drawing for a unique “Small Dreadnought” acoustic guitar, valued at $900.

Specs, described by Max:

“This guitar has a medium sized body with a large voice. Multiple innovations craft a sensitive and loud response that plays perfectly up the fretboard. Fine solid hardwoods were used in every piece of this instrument. Honduran Mahogany dresses the back and sides while Sitka Spruce matches the top. An African Padauk bridge provides red tones which contrast with the blond top.

“This guitar is optimized for response in all frequencies. A light top and back color the tone greatly. The mahogany provides rich basses and middle frequencies while the top provides crisp brightness to the high frequencies. This guitar has a lasting ring with vibrations that can be easily felt throughout the player’s body.”


“This guitar comes with a personal luthier. Portland Guitar wants to provide decades of joy to your life and will happily do repairs and set-ups at no cost.”

To enter the Portland Guitar Drawing, click on the big red heart at, and make a donation of $25 or more. (You can enter as many times as you like! Multiples of $25 will generate multiple entries into the drawing.)

Then, April 22, listen to Patrick’s Mixtape show, 7 – 9 pm, when guitarist/singer/songwriter Colin Ranney of Part Time Perfect  will draw the winner. *Note: Donations for entry will be accepted until 7:45 PM April 22nd – Colin will draw the winner at 8 PM.

Great thanks to Portland Guitar for their inspired woodworking – and for sharing their extraordinary guitars with PRP and Portland!




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