Monster Bike at the OHBS

Rainy conditions didn’t dampen spirits today at the 2013 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show.  The two-day gathering features some of the many talented bicycle craftsmen and women from Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and even Japan. These master framebuilders display their artistry in a celebration of the handbuilt bicycle. The exhibition takes place this weekend at Sandbox Studios.

Here are a few photos from the 2013 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show:

Monster Bike

Monster Bike. Photo by Leann Warren

Fun Bike

Can’t argue with this. Photo by Leann Warren

Eddy Merckx

A classic Eddy Merckx restored to its original beauty. Photo by Leann Warren

Bike with disc brakes

Bikes with disc brakes make total sense in rainy weather. Photo by Leann Warren

Scotch Bottle Holder

Scotch bottle holder on a bike. Photo by Leann Warren

Bike decor

Bike decor. Photo by Leann Warren

Shopping by bike

Shopping by bike. Photo by Leann Warren

Schwinn Saddle

Old school Schwinn saddle on a new cargo bike. Photo by Leann Warren

Cargo Bikes

Cargo Bikes. Photo by Leann Warren

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