The Oregon Republican Party says, ignore the recent Dorchester Conference vote supporting overturning Oregon’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage–we’re still against it. Delegates to the annual GOP meetup at the coast voted 60 to 40 percent in favor of a ballot initiative to overturn the amendment.

The Salem Statesman-Journal reports the state Republican Party posted a letter on its website reaffirming their opposition to same-sex marriage. It explains that though the conference is popular, it’s unofficial. Not only that, it says, but Dorchester is organized by former Oregon Senator Bob Packwood, whose moderate stances on same-sex marriage, abortion rights and other issues were cited as reasons major conservative groups stayed home this year.

The vote binds neither the party or its candidates to that position, but the Statesman-Journal reports the vote and the reaction highlights the age split in the party. Younger members generally support same sex marriage, while older ones are staunchly opposed.

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