As Valerie Day and John Smith put it, “What a long, strange, beautiful trip it’s been.” Since 1979, it’s been about staying open to possibility and following their hearts. We met up at Terry Currier’s wildly and wonderfully  crammed-to-the-rafters back office of Music Millennium to talk past, present, and indeed, the future of Nu Shooz.

 The Journey Continues

L-R Valerie Day, Terry Currier, John Smith



nushooz 80s

Photo: Nancy Bundt


To sit down with Valerie and John, you know there’s going to be a lot of laughter, wonderful stories, trips down that good ol’ memory lane, names I hadn’t heard in a long time, and their clear-eyed vision of the world they created, turned away from for a good period of time and have now jumped back into.  But with finely tuned tweaks, of course.




Oregon Music Hall of Fame’s 8th Annual Ceremony and Concert on October 4th at The Aladdin is a great place to start. Nu Shooz was inducted in the very First Class, in 2007. And now a chance to play the 8th Annual Induction Ceremony. The time is right!

Check HERE for tickets and more details. The vibrant new image and iteration of John and Valerie you see in the below poster is courtesy of Hiroshi Iwaya. And by the way Hiroshi also grabbed the exceptional moment from the  past, that you can see in the SoundCloud image.