Showcasing the work of local and student artists, “Artist Perspectives” is the new Pacific Northwest College of Art student-run podcast on Portland Radio Project. We discuss content, process, influences, and intention within the artist’s body of work as well as their  insight into the Portland-area art scene and experiences navigating the landscape. Co-produced by Rose Cruz, Drew Fredenberg, AD Holm & Gray Roberts.

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Episode One – Puppet Fabrication

On the premiere episode of Artist Perspectives, we speak with two guests skilled in the field of stop-motion animation: Puppet fabricator Bradly Werley, and current PNCA Animated Arts undergraduate, Kathryn Moseley.

Bradly is an experienced puppet fabricator whom has worked with studios such as Laika and Shadowmachine, and is currently working on post-production of Netflix’s new stop-motion feature “Wendell and Wild.

Website: Werley Bird Entertainment

Instagram: @werleybirdentertainment

Kathryn is a Junior PNCA Animated Arts major with a focus on puppet fabrication.

Instagram: @smol.n.sensitive

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