Justin Klump Drop-In Session

We’ve followed Vancouver, USA artist Justin Klump for years. But since his move to Nashville, Justin’s been doing it on his own terms. A new self-titled album just released, is part of that hard-won career path.






Justin returned to  his Northwest roots recently to celebrate the release of Justin Klump, his first full-length album since making the move to Nashville. The collection is filled with thoughtful lyrics and beautifully arranged melodies that reflect both his struggles, triumphs, and philosophy on how to live a fulfilling life, both as a new husband and father.





Justin joined Saturday Joe for his #MusiciansWakingUpFarTooEarly segment. Beautiful sounds, great stories an an early Saturday morning in Portland. The fresh pasta video we rave about is at the bottom of page.








Justin’s Face Book page is linked on the above image. Here is his website.



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