Introducing Fringe Class

We take music so much for granted. It’s always been with us, through the ages. We gravitate to so many different genres, some more favored than others, sure! Here’s a group that has touched in on so many different vibes, from dark wave, to  art pop, to punk. Here is the story of how Fringe Class came to be “Fringe Class”!



Formed in the house show scene of Portland Oregon, Fringe Class has been bringing their evolving brand of dark wave, synth-punk, and art pop to the stage since 2011, and touring relentlessly all over the western states since 2016. With a wide-eyed but gifted vocalist, and a polished live performance, this heart-pounding blend of gritty dance music and and crisp pop hooks creates not only a unique sound, but a truly unforgettable live experience.

Fringe Class started to build their structure in their teenage years, when Brad Russell (Bass, Vocals), Patrick Berry (Synths, Samples, Drums) and Sam Gerendasy (Drums, Synths, Vocals) began experimenting with music together whilst playing in garage bands. The later arrival of Madeline Goldstein – also know as Madi G G – (Lead Vocals, Synths, Lyricist) brought Fringe Class full circle as the influence of a vocalist began to carve out their future sound. The group has two releases to date – Fringe Class Forever EP, and Fringe Class Begins EP, and has a debut full length album, Alone by the Phone, soon to be released.


Best described as a ‘superficial soundtrack to the after-modern youth experience,’ Fringe Class is influenced by a wide range of musical acts such as Neon Indian, Guidance Counselor, Starfucker, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, My Bloody Valentine, Karen O., Madonna, Blondie, and Kate Bush – and the everlasting idea of the female pop star. . When it comes to the songwriting process, the band considers the energy of the live performance first, as they cemented themselves in the DIY punk scene before all else. It is clear in their live performance that maintaining a raw and visceral connection to the audience is a priority; if the pounding wall-of-noise synths don’t get you, the theatrics and gut-wrenching hollering vocals woven between glittering melody most certainly will.



A great way to get to know this group even better is to check out the new single, “Dream Girl”.


Here’s what the lead vocalist, Madeline, has to say about it.

Dream Girl” is a song that represents Fringe Class thematically, both our journey and our content. Just like a dream, things aren’t always as they appear. There’s something darker under the surface. We recorded dream girl all together in a live room to start – which has always been the way we work best. It was a love song that became something else with time, and took on its own meaning. I think we all find our own attachments to different songs, whether or not we discuss those attachments in words, I think they come to life in the writing process.


And from drummer, Patrick, these thoughts

Pressed for time, “Dream Girl” was collaboratively written and recorded by the whole band at the very last minute in the studio. It came together quickly and seamlessly and without much discussion among ourselves. The writing was more of a discovery process than it was a typical pencil-to-paper crafting of a tune. You can really hear how the bass and drums both locked into each other and at the same time are totally free flowing.





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