Health Care Changes Appear To Be Helping

Source: Kristian Foden-Vencil, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Oregon’s efforts to change the way health care is delivered appear to be working, according to new data from the Oregon Health Policy Board.

To be able to prove that health care changes are working, the federal government and the state asked providers to track about 33 different measurements.

Things like: the number of times patients are re-admitted to hospital.

The lower that rate, the better hospitals are considered to be treating patients.

Oregon Health Authority chief, Bruce Goldberg, says many of those measurements in Oregon appear to be headed in the right direction.

“Primary care visits are up 18 percent. People are being kept out of the emergency room because they’re getting good primary care. Admissions to hospitals for things like asthma and congestive heart failure are down,” Goldberg says.

The new data only look back six to nine months. The federal government gave Oregon almost $2 billion and five years to prove it could reduce the increase in health care costs by at least two percent.

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