Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 105

Driftwood. Driftwood! This gigantic beauty washed up on shore from the Columbia River!

Beautiful Music Lover!

I’ve just been to the coast for a wonderful respite with my good friends. Running on the beach before sunrise, sitting by the fire in a cushioned rocking chair, listening to music, impromptu dance parties, watching the ocean roll in, eating delicious food, counting elk, enjoying new and magical adventures … so grand, so very grand! I am so grateful.

I hope you’ve had a similarly wonderful few days since the last show. Last week’s show had some excellent music indeed – Superfan ocjo said it was definitely their favorite line up of music so far. I hope you were able to tune in! Brad, ocjo, Rebecca, and Katie were lighting up the Talk Board, as well as a dedicated but anonymous Oklahoma City fan who was tuned in on their travels to Chicago. And my sister tuned in from the great state of Oklahoma too! I super love when my music lovin’ sis tunes in. She has excellent taste in music.

To listen to those great bands again and again, navigate over to the Spotify playlist link, episode 105.


Jen Em and Mags. Ruckus time!

I can promise you excellent music for next week’s show – in fact, friend, fan, frequent excellent-music-contributor Katie Clark says episode 106 might be her favorite yet! (She gets a sneak listen each week, you see.)

I’ll meet you on the airwaves next Friday, October 25th, at 10 am! Until then… take care of your beautiful self! You are doing a great job of being human! Keep it up. ♥

~ Jen Em


Fresh Spins with Jen Em, ep 105
October 18, 2019

Reef High by Monster Rally

Sail To The Sun by Angelica Bass, Machinedrum
Placid by Camp Howard
In a River by Rostam
Due West by Kelsey Lu
Cusco by Allie Crow Buckley
Sunday Afternoon by Blossom Dearie

Dorival by Mou Brasil
Fall in Love by Yuno
Audrey Home by Golden Retriever
Stay a While by The Cactus Channel
Mountains by Charlotte Day Wilson

So I Don’t Feel Useless by Dianna Lopez
Trauma by Model 86
No Room by Madison McFerrin
Sure Shot by Bathe
Alive by The Ballantynes
messy by serpent with feet
Check the Weather by Pavo Pavo

Rainy Day by Generation Lost
Stuck by Cat Hoch
Honestly by Nana Adjoa
Soy Lo Que Soy by Monogem
Tangles by Arto Lindsay
Hold on We’re Going Home by Sly5thAve

Breathe Deep (feat East Forest) by MC Yogi
Free Again by Arima Ederra

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