“Foreign Material” in Dog’s Stomach = Socks

Lending new cred to the adage that dogs will eat anything, Portland surgeons discovered a great Dane had eaten more than 40 socks.

X-rays turned up what Dr. Ashley Magee described as “a lot of foreign material,” when worried owners brought the sick animal to Dove Lewis  for emergency surgery in February.


Opening up the dog’s stomach, the material turned out to be sock after sock after sock – 43 1/2 socks in all.

Photo: Veterinary Practice News

Photo: Veterinary Practice News


The story has just now come to light, because Dove Lewis entered the great Dane’s x-ray in an industry journal competition for Veterinary Practice News.


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  1. Gloria McFall
    Gloria McFall says:

    What’s up with that? My niece’s dog (a golden retriever) also ate clothing at every opportunity. Underwear and socks included. So weird…..


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