Founding member Michael Beach along with long-time member Michael Kearsey joined us for a passionate discussion of the influence of Middle Eastern, world music, and  Western Rock on the sound of their band, and what it might offer to our world today.


Bridging the Gap Between Middle East and West




Here’s how Brothers of the Baladi describe their most recent release:

Brothers of the Baladi celebrates their 40th Anniversary with the release of their 12th album, Gravity of Love. This album proves that there’s plenty of musical sharpness and hunger in their mix of Middle Eastern musical influences and Western rock. Featuring the band’s first use of electronics and programming, the band made a conscious decision to push themselves and create something that really draws together musical cultures.



L-R: Michael Beach, Michael Kearsey


Follow along with us in our conversation below as we trace the original journey Michael Beach undertook in Yuma, Arizona in 1975. How he fell deeply in love with the sounds of the Middle East, how he continues it here in Portland. And most importantly, its ramifications and message for our world today.

The original Brothers of the Baladi (Michael Beach, Colby Girard, Pete Walter and Josh Mertz) began their career in Yuma, Arizona in 1975. They formed to back up local Belly Dancer named Zamara.

And the world beat goes on!



Baladi is an Arabic word and it means folk, homeland and of the people. Music has the power!