Alberta Abbey aims to nurture the creative, visual and performing arts in N/NE Portland by amplifying opportunities for Black and underrepresented communities. At the heart of this mission is Board President and wearer of many hats, Jerry Peterson…JP to you and me!

JP dropped by PRP’s Sounds of PDX to chat about the Abbey’s history, future and a whole lot of in-between. With a calendar full of incredible evenings at the Abbey, JP spotlighted a handful with respect to Black Music Month and discussed the importance of re-building community inside AND outside the Abbey walls.

Central to JP’s work as a community volunteer and advocate is of course the Abbey but he doesn’t stop there – his nonprofit Elevate Unity was founded during the pandemic amid social unrest to create inspiring, uplifting, community events that would provide an atmosphere of hope.

The work being done at the Abbey is truly inspiring – hear all about ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ straight from an inspiration in his own right – thanks for all do JP!

This Drop-in Session was made possible in part by grants from the Oregon Cultural Trust and The Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation.

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