On today’s episode of Theme for a Tuesday, Jenna D was joined by Kendall Sallay-Milotz; vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist from Starover Blue. The local dream pop band (and a favorite for our Fresh Vibe Format) will host a virtual benefit concert this Saturday, where they and other artists will play their 2016 record Spacegeist track by track.

Kendall discusses who these “friends” are, the inspiration behind Spacegeist, the process of organizing a collaborative virtual show, and why having access to small, independent venues is so important emerging artists. 

Proceeds are going to the Doug Fir Lounge, one of Portland’s most beloved establishments, and Art Boutiki, an independent venue located in San Jose, CA. Proceeds will also benefit Black Resilience Fund, a local organization focused on fostering healing and resilience for Black Portlanders

The concert will take place Saturday, September 12th from 7:30-9pm. There is a $5 minimum admission with option for additional donation. Zoom concert link provided after purchase. All ages welcome. 

Tickets available here.