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Source: Elly Blue, The Guardian

Here’s an excerpt from Elly Blue’s article published in The Guardian.

For the price of a mile of highway, you too can have a bike-friendly city. Portland, Oregon is America’s iconic cycling city, but I’m happy to say we’re being swiftly overtaken as everywhere else gears up.

Cars. They’re noisy and ugly. They smell terrible and cause disease on an epidemic proportion. They move way too fast, take up an extraordinary amount of space, are a leech on the economy, and have a propensity to run people over, especially kids. What’s to love?

I’m a bicycle activist in Portland, Oregon, considered the most bicycle-friendly city in the US, so you might not be surprised by my attitude. The thing that surprises me, though, is that everyone doesn’t hate cars as much as I do.

People who drive cars, on the other hand – I’ve got no problem with y’all. Drivers aren’t the problem here: in fact, people who drive everyday are often the ones with the most to lose from continuing to drive.

Read the article here.


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