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Nike Headquarters

Nike held its annual shareholder’s meeting Sept. 19. It was a good way to get an inside look at the comings and goings of Oregon’s wealthiest home-grown company. The world’s largest shoe and sports apparel company employs about 4,000 people … Continue Reading

Little Free Library

I love seeing these little free libraries sprinkled around town. This one is near the corner of S.E. 50th and Clinton St.  It had a number of books inside and a VHS movie.

What is a Little Free Library?


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Soul Stroll Wellness Walk

Hey there. It’s your roving PRP cub reporter — where I deliver news found while riding a bike.

I was out on a short spin this morning and passed by Wilshire Park just as lively group of participants in … Continue Reading

Electric Vehicles

Last week Portland hosted a national gathering of the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry.  The opening speaker was John Voelcker, editor of Green Car Reports.  He talked about the myths, realities and future of the electrical vehicle movement.

Number of

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The Dump Truck

Portland, long known for out-of-the-box eats, now has out-of-the-dumpling snacks making a splash. Eat Street – the Cooking Channel’s nod to curbside cuisine – will feature The Dump Truck, Portland’s dumpling cart, on Thursday.

Co-owners Julia Filip and … Continue Reading


Listen up PRP fans… there is a movement afoot! As we at Portland Radio Project joined in our mission to reconnect radio with our community, director Kevin McKinney was putting the final touches on CORPORATE FM, an award-winning documentary … Continue Reading

Casting call for Grimm Season 3

EXTRAS ONLY is casting a wide net for extras & featured background actors for season 3 of NBC’s hit TV Show, GRIMM, filming in the Portland area.

We hire hundreds of people weekly for this show. We are looking for

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Bike Jungle at Blues Festival

Want to avoid the hassle and cost of parking your car? Ride your bike to the Blues Festival and get free bike parking and an opportunity to get your bike tuned up! One of the first things that caught my … Continue Reading

As the Oregon Center for Public Policy noted recently, nine banks “plainly doing business in Oregon” were escaping Oregon’s corporate income tax. Probably not for long. Today, the Oregon Senate – with but one objector – agreed that was bad … Continue Reading

B Corp Map

Oregon businesses will soon be able to legally organize not just as non-profits or for-profits, but also as BENEFIT CORPORATIONS. That means, instead of allowing profit to trump all other interests (which Oregon law dictated until now), companies … Continue Reading