By Emily Neelon |

Everybody should dance. Period.

At least that’s what Polaris Dance Theater believes.

Founded by Sara Anderson and Robert Guitron, Polaris Dance Theater is a multi-disciplinary dance company in Portland that offers a wide range of classes to an ever wider range of students. Comprised of Polaris Dance Company and Polaris Dance Center, the Theater has experienced widespread success since it’s opening in 2002.

Founder Sara Anderson in the PRP studio.

Founder Sara Anderson in the PRP studio. Photo by Robert Parish.

Serving students of all body types, skills, ages and abilities, the Center strives to cultivate creative expression, raise self-esteem and foster personal achievement among its participants. Polaris Dance served over 850 students in 2014 and hosts over 8,000 visitors at its performances every year.

Polaris offers an All Access program to provide dance opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities. With an accommodating training space, the program provides opportunities for exploration and self expression without judgment.

Additionally, the Center offers a Rise To Dance program that includes classes for at-risk youth, free classes twice yearly, scholarships for low-income, pre-professional students and free performances to the general public. Through Rise To Dance, the Theater attempts to break down the socioeconomic barriers that keep individuals from experiencing performing arts.

Polaris Dance Theater will be visiting PRP throughout the week to speak more about their efforts to make dance accessible to all people, regardless of age or ability. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 6th:
M’Liss Quinnly, Rehearsal & Junior Company Director/Dance Company Member

Tuesday, April 7th: Kieragmil Brinkley, Dance Company Member

Wednesday, April 8th: Sara Anderson, Co-Founder/Director of Programs

Thursday, April 9th: Robert Guitron, Co-Founder/Artistic Director