OAASIS gives voice to sexual assault survivors

By Jeremy Junkin |

Telling your story to someone who knows and understands your perspective is a powerful human experience.  It can be an incredible tool for healing from trauma of any variety.  It’s that moment when someone “gets it” without you having to even explain and hope that awakens the soul.  This truth informs the mission of Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service (OAASIS).

OASSIS consists of individuals and organizations who are actively working to make this objective a reality. Their unique mission is to “build a movement to end child sex abuse through advocacy, prevention, and survivor support.”

OAASIS is visiting PRP throughout the week to talk more about their efforts. Below we hear from OAASIS Executive Director Klarissa Oh, Margie Boule, and sexual assault survivors Das Chapin and Brenda Tracy.

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  1. Kristi Kernal
    Kristi Kernal says:

    Jeremy and Team,

    Thank you SO much for giving OAASIS this opportunity to share about our work to help build a movement in the State of Oregon to end child sex abuse. This is an issue that thrives in the dark and with secrecy and shame. We appreciate your help in breaking that silence in our state.

    Kristi Kernal
    Education & Outreach Director


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