Welcome Home Coalition welcomes families home

By Emily Neelon |

Let’s welcome everyone home to a good night’s sleep.

That’s the goal of Portland’s Welcome Home Coalition, a nonprofit organization working to provide all residents of the Portland metropolitan area with a safe place to call home.

Launched in 2014, the coalition consists of over 83 individual organizations that have joined together to find local and affordable housing solutions for financially struggling families in the Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah counties.

Welcome Home Coalition’s efforts rise out of the understanding that happy, healthy families, communities and economies result from safe and loving homes.

For families of four who’s income falls below the $35,000, the Portland metro area is short 40,000 affordable housing options. Out of every ten low-income families in Portland, four families cannot attain or afford housing.

With the threat of homelessness becoming a real possibility, families must make difficult financial choices at the cost of comprehensive emotional and physical health and safety.

Welcome Home Coalition is working to find a new source of funding for affordable housing in the Portland metro area by this summer and is accepting donations to help turn this goal into a reality.

Welcome Home Coalition is visited PRP throughout this week to speak more about their efforts to find affordable housing for all Portland families. Below we hear from Coalition Director Jess Larson, Lauren Macbeth of the Rose Community Development Corporation and Coalition Research Committee member, and Sam Diez, Community Engagement Coordinator of 1000 Friends of Oregon.

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