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Give Voice to Portland. This Edward R. Murrow award-winning news series features podcast conversations about important public service work being done in our community. A free media platform for local thought leaders, community-based organizations and activists.

Altzheimer's Disease

The Oregon chapter of Alzheimer’s Association has the same vision as its sister organizations scatted across the nation: A world without Alzheimer’s Disease.

The first Alzheimer’s Association chapters were founded in 1980 with the goals of eliminating the disease through … Continue Reading

The Wetlands Conservancy

Wetlands Conservancy

Oregonians have a lot to be proud about in terms of our beautiful geography and nature-scapes. But all these rich environmental areas need to be protected if they’re to survive. And while we have many hard-working organizations striving to save … Continue Reading

Community ToolBank

So you’re a nonprofit hoping to do some grounds maintenance work in your community. Have you got the tools you need? As in, say, wheelbarrows? Rakes? Shovels?

If not, don’t worry. Portland Community ToolBank – which opened its doors in … Continue Reading

girl scouts oregon

Two-point-seven million strong – that’s the national size of the Girl Scouts, and the Oregon and SW Washington council is part of that puzzle. And just like their sister councils across the country, these girls and volunteers are part of … Continue Reading

In debates about food security and food justice, someone inevitably brings up this point: There’s so much food that goes to waste that could instead be used to feed the hungry. It’s a huge distribution issue.

But how to save … Continue Reading

​It’s strange to think of human trafficking occurring in our backyard. And it’s not comfortable to think of modern-day slavery existing in our home city or state. But it’s an unpleasant reality.

And according to police reports, the Portland metro … Continue Reading

nw autism foundation

They say it take a village to raise a child.

But when national statistics place the rate of children born with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at one in every 110 children – maybe it take a foundation to support all … Continue Reading

A massive, fluffy, good-natured dog keeping you safe – sounds like a childhood dream, right?

That’s exactly what the nonprofit Autism Anchoring Dogs (AAD) offers to parents of autistic children. They select and train giant breed dogs – with weight … Continue Reading

Tis the season for…nonprofits?

As you may know, Giving Tuesday was founded as a pushback to the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And now, two local institutions have launched a statewide campaign, #OregoniansGive, to shine a light … Continue Reading

Open Adoption & Family Services

Scroll through Open Adoption & Family Services’ website and you’ll find some common themes: openness, nonjudgment and connection.

Open Adoption & Family Services, (OA&FS), is a private nonprofit adoption agency that launched in Eugene, OR, in 1985. Today it’s licensed … Continue Reading

Our local network of shelter and service providers are featured on Community Voices this week as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Here, Fay Schuler, Executive Director of the West Women’s and Children’s Shelter tells the story of a young … Continue Reading

The nonprofit KUZA takes its name from a Swahili word that encompasses a handful of verbs – to flourish, educate, raise up, develop, praise, exalt, foster and make grow.

And this mission of KUZA is like its name – multi-layered, … Continue Reading

Milagro Theater presents La Muetre Baila (translation: The Dead Dancer) a comedic journey through the underworld. Just in time for Halloween, right?

And seasonality aside, it’s a play with both cultural roots and a playful newness. That’s the kind of Continue Reading

It may be a new organization, but it’s already making waves.

Lents Youth Initiative (LYI) was launched this year as a branch of ROSE (Revitalizing Outer Southeast). And like it’s mother organization, Lents Youth Initiative strives to cultivate community connections, … Continue Reading

When the odds are against you, a helping hand guiding you to success can make all the difference.

That’s the mission of a decades-old North Portland non-profit that identifies young at-risk African-American students and supports them through graduation. And it … Continue Reading


Medical research is full of cold, logical numbers – infection rates, at-risk ages, recovery percentages and more.

And sometimes, under all those statistics, it’s hard to find the human element. Especially if the condition or disease you wish was curable … Continue Reading

Portland Poetry Slam in action.

Want to see folks get feisty about their art?

Then drop by Cotton Cloud at 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday and you’ll see people going head-to-head, celebrating the competitive art of performance poetry.

But for all the intensity of this … Continue Reading

Nastacia Voisin & Robert Parish

Some things are too precious to let slip away.

Wisdom of the Elders, a Portland-based non-profit, believes that insight from generations of folklore via stories is one of those things.

The organization records and … Continue Reading

It started with a dream of dancing.

As a young girl in Liberia, Rolia Manyongai-Jones dreamed of teaching African dance in the United States. She wanted to share the rich history of her culture to a multiracial audience through music.… Continue Reading

When you see a injured stray wandering through your neighborhood, it’s hard to not to feel a pang of sympathy.

There’s the option to call a local animal shelter. But the fact remains that about five million unwanted cats and … Continue Reading