The future is now. The creative minds of the future are on the rise. This week at Portland Radio Project we dig into the archives to feature nonprofit  Friends of Noise as part of our award-winning Community Voices series.

The mission of Friends of Noise is to provide a safe and productive space for focused arts education, leadership opportunities for youth, and all-ages concerts. The organization is committed to the sharing of ideas to collectively impact and provide opportunities for Portland’s youth.

Friends of Noise envisions a safe, inclusive community meeting place for arts events and aims to engage young people in all aspects of event planning and production in order to encourage real world skill-building through education and mentorship. These skills help youth become cultural leaders and engaged citizens within their communities. If you’d like to get involved at Friends of Noise, contact them here.

Below, key members of the organization share what Friends of Noise  means to them and the Portland community at large.

Akiva Henig, Friends of Noise Booking Coordinator

Bim Ditson, Friends of Noise Board Member

Andre Middleton, Friends of Noise Board President

David Gluck, Friends of Noise Resource Committee Volunteer