Bridge Meadows fosters a new model for community

At Bridge Meadows, strength is grounded in community. Operating under the idea that we all have something to offer, this group of intergenerational living communities offer a place of permanence and purpose for foster youth, adoptive families and elder adults. 

Founded in 2004 to address the social and economic challenges facing each of these populations, Bridge Meadows is the only intentionally intergenerational community of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Utilizing the physical environment as a tool for healing, Bridge Meadows’ sustainable and reciprocal communities suggest a new model of intervention to improve the quality of life for Oregonians of all ages. 

Its’ communities currently serve 27 youth, 10 parents and 29 elders. Bridge Meadows has established these communities in North Portland and New Meadows, with a third location in Beaverton to begin welcoming residents later this summer.

Roughly half of foster youth will move among five or more homes before age eighteen. The lack of stability in their home lives creates challenges emotionally, behaviorally and academically. At Bridge Meadows, foster youth better manage these challenges with the support of their adoptive parents and mentorship of their elderly neighbors. This year, 100% of the communities’ youth attended school regularly.

Within a safe and stable community, families are empowered in reimagining their futures. Elders, who often become socially isolated due to the constraints of aging and ageism, find purpose within friendships and mentorships with their neighbors.

Bridge Meadows is funded through the generosity of hundreds of donors. Tickets to their IMAGINE Fall Auction & Gala fundraising event can be found here.

Throughout the week we’ll be talking with Bridge Meadows’  board members over the air as a part of our award-winning Community Voices series. You can find these interviews below. 

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