Innovation Law Lab seeks justice for immigrants

Innovation Law Lab aims to ensure our legal system is working fairly and hopes to bring an end to the mass incarceration and deportation of immigrant communities of color. Their guiding principle is simple: Every case that should win, does win, every time, everywhere. 

Built by immigration lawyers for immigration lawyers, the Lab’s platform gathers data and stories that help its legal partners gain public support, win their cases and institute changes in policy. The platform also serves as a tool for evaluating the fairness, skills and safety of our law enforcement, attorneys and judges.

Since its founding in 2014, Innovation Law Lab has assisted 70,000 people in securing release from detention. 98% of these individuals have been granted asylum and are on the path to citizenship. But the Lab’s work is far from over.

Join Innovation Law Lab in their efforts in Oregon and across the U.S. The Lab accepts financial contributions and is seeking volunteers to support their operations. Learn more about how you can contribute here.

This week we’re sitting down with key members of Innovation Law Lab to learn more about their work and how our community can get involved. Big thanks to our supporters at Living Room Realty for sponsoring this feature as a part of our award-winning Community Voices series.

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