Can hugs and kisses save the world? Hands to Hearts International thinks so.

Through its caregiver training program in six countries, the Portland-based nonprofit improves the health and development of vulnerable children (ages 0-3) globally by training caregivers in  early childhood development and nurturing parenting skills.

HHI’s programs are delivered by Certified Trainers who are local leaders, fluent in their community’s language and culture. These Trainers teach caregivers how to improve their ability to nurture their children’s language, social, cognitive and physical development, and how to support their health, nutrition and early learning. HHI training emphasizes the importance of love and the critical role of bonding and attachment, which establishes the base for all future relationships and a healthy social fabric.

All this week on Portland Radio Project, Gina Parosa explores the mission and practical results demonstrated by HHI trainers – and HHI’s new partner, Thrive Networks.

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Listen to Gina’s series:

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