Sales cycle, prospects, warm vs. cold leads…the world of selling can look overwhelming to someone new to the game. And for folks launching startups or planning to open a business, it can be the one area that appears hardest to navigate.

That’s in part because the word “sales” conjures up a lot of unfavorable ideas and uncomfortable feeling. We link “sales” with irritating phone calls, offers for items we don’t want, and relentless solicitation. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s possible to engage in sales in an authentic and meaningful way that connects businesses with happy customers. And there are methods and tools to help even the greenest of entrepreneurs start closing deals.

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Our current Biz503 series is about taking your idea from a concept to profitability, and all the steps along the entrepreneurial way. This week we’re tackling the question of how to navigate the basics of sales for startups.


Kedma Ough, director, Mt. Hood Community College SBDC

Christa King, founder, Fitlandia


Angie Gordon, founder, Pop and Paint

Amanda Wilson, founder, VOXA POD


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