Millennials get their share of unflattering media attention. They’ve been labeled entitled, tech-obsessed, and maybe a little lazy. But good news trickles in too, and some companies are embracing the better qualities of that generation, such as high-productivity, innovation, and a willingness to be mentored.

Companies see these younger employees rolling with a new vibe, and with different priorities. Millennials seek stronger connectivity with leadership, are savvy and reliant on technology, have a penchant for multi-tasking and like to work smarter, not harder.

Since the millennial workforce in America is roughly 40 million strong, it may be time for companies to figure out how to integrate them more smoothly into the workplace. According to a report in Time Magazine, three out of four American workers will be members of the millennial generation in the next decade. And that means workplace culture – and attitudes – need to adapt to this new generation of employees.

Join us this week on PRP from 1-2 p.m. for our encore episode of  Biz503: “Millennials in the Workplace.” Co-hosts Mark Grimes of Nedspace and Mike Rogoway of The Oregonian/OregonLive led a discussion about what millennials need in the workplace, and how to build a productive, happy organization around them.

We were joined by the following guests:

Kris von Krenner – Co-Founder, Hunter von Krenner

Josh Netzer – Instructor and Senior Experience Director, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication Portland Senior Experience 

Tim Greve – Marketing Team Leader, OpenSesame

Scott Sadler, Speaker, Coach, and Millennial Mentor, Creative Conflict Solutions

Katie Augsburger – Senior Manager of Employee Experience, XPLANE

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