Here’s the challenge: Marketers don’t always know how to “market”.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs have great ideas, amazing talents and an abundance of energy. But when it comes to effectively reaching an audience of potential product buyers, challenges arise. Which social media platforms to use? What’s branding? When does one run an ad? And how to keep up with the never-sated appetite of the Internet, which constantly demands more and more content?

And just because a business is small, or because an idea is brilliant, doesn’t mean that one can ignore marketing entirely. Almost every business profits from making themselves known – it keeps one competitive and connected, increases sales and helps establish a unique space in the marketplace. In fact, according to Forbes, the number one reason new businesses fail is because they fail to engage in marketing, and never connect customers with their products.

Tune in to PRP this Friday between 1-2 p.m for our Biz503 encore episode on marketing and sales for small business. Hosts Cindy Tortorici from the Link for Women, and Perry Gruber from Copiosis led a conversation about the do’s and don’ts of small-scale customer outreach.

This week our guests included:

Kristin Taylor, Founder/Owner of Kristin Taylor Marketing

Joshua Klein, Director of Development at M2P Marketing

Steven Shomler, Owner/Founder of Spark to Bonfire Consulting 

Deb Hartman, CEO of Deb Hartman Digital 

Kristen Mozian, Marketing Manager at PCC CLIMB 

Victor Willis, Principal at Campbell Town Consulting

Kevin O’Neill – VP Client Services at M2P Marketing

You can listen to the encore episode here:

Or listen to the original episode here: