PODCAST Biz503: Bootstrapping Your Business


To bootstrap or to fundraise? That is the question entrepreneurs face.

Although seed capital is abundant these days, there are incentives to do it on your own dime. Bootstrappers have more control over their business; they’re forced to be innovative and scrappy, and they attract team members who are in sync with their vision. This kind of entrepreneurship also forces folks to thoughtfully invest their time and money, to experiment, and to carefully evaluate their growth trajectories.

But no one says bootstrapping is easy. It requires entrepreneurs to shoulder high opportunity costs, personally and financially. Not to mention that without a fast injection of venture capital funds, building a business might take a lot longer. These challenges aside, how does one get started on such a (possibly daunting) project?

Tune in to Portland Radio Project this Friday between 1-2 p.m. for our Biz503 episode “Bootstrapping Your Startup.” Co-hosts Mark Grimes of NedSpace and Perry Gruber of Copiosis will lead a discussion on why, how and when to get a business off the ground with a little cash and a lot of moxie.

Our guests this week are:

Luna Jaffe – Owner/Operator at Sacred Money Studio

Paige Hendrix Buckner – Founder & CEO at ClientJoy

Stephen Ajayi – Founder of ScoutFor.io 

Angie Gordon – Owner at Pop & Paint

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