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“There is definitely something about brand Portland that has taken a meteoric rise in our world – in terms of relevance, our lifestyle, our values. When we choose to live a bit more balanced, or more holistically, what we do does impact the greater Earth that we share, and we tend to feel more at peace inside about our part in it.”

Well said, Lili Yeo, founder and CEO of Goumikids, the socially conscious baby clothing company in Portland.

Yeo is featured in Episode 1 of Biz503, the podcast for startups and small businesses on Portland Radio Project, launching a new season Friday, October 13. Along with two other entrepreneurs highlighted at the first-ever Built Up Festival this fall, in Portland, Yeo characterized the exceptionally nurturing ecosystem surrounding PDX entrepreneurs.

Do you know what a goumi berry is, and why Goumikids named their business for the berry? Did you know women boxers struggled to find gear and apparel? That there was a market for a new line of locally made razors?

Don’t miss the Season 3 launch of Biz503 which (along with Goumikids) shares the story of Society Nine, the boxing gear and apparel company for women, and Portland Razor Company. (Considering the popularity of facial hair in Portland, who knew there was a market?)

Listen Friday, October 13, for Episode 1 of the new Biz503 Season at  99.1 FM in the heart of Portland, or stream from anywhere worldwide at PRP.fm.

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From “How Musicians Can Make it in the Music Industry” to “Craft Beverages,” you will find past Seasons/Episodes of Biz503 here.

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