High schools with Native American mascots will soon have to negotiate with local tribes to continue using certain names and images. The Oregon Legislature passed a bill yesterday amending an education board ruling that would have required schools to rid themselves of the mascots entirely by 2017 or risk losing state funding. The bill, which Governor Kitzhaber has said he will sign, allows schools to keep their mascots if they can obtain approval from one of the nine federally recognized Native American tribes in Oregon.

The Eugene Register Guard reports, under the 2012 rule eight Oregon high schools, including the Mohawk Indians of Marcola, the Roseburg Indians and the Reedsport Braves, would have needed to find new names as well as new mascot logos. Seven more who use the non-specific name “Warriors” would have to redo their logos. The education board has until January 2017 to come up with guidelines for the schools.

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